By Ikechukwu Onyemah

The drama surrounding the president’s ill-health has been a recurring one, and there seems to be no remedy at sight given the manner with which the people around him are handling the matter especially with regards to relaying issues with Nigerians, as a public servant.

However sick the president may have been before and after the elections which brought him to power is not really what mattered to an average Nigerian who voted for him and from all indication it is still not the case that Mr. President is in a vegetative state, thus, while it is only human to sympathize with the president and wish him quick recovery, it is equally expected that the president do the same to Nigerians.

The last time President Muhammadu Buhari handled anything close to the Job at hand now was over thirty years ago  now above seventy years of age, has decided to handle a more complicated Nigeria. It will only amount to taking a bow when the ovation is high for Mr. President to consider his health and his person and resign, this should go down well for his children, grandchildren, family, friends and the nation at large.

The president should at this time know that those who may impress on him the idea of finishing at all cost may be doing so for their own benefit.

It is also rather alarming to hear people say cabals have taken over PMBs government. While such assumption may not be in doubt, it is still possible that if such a cabal exists, the President has sanctioned it; by either deliberately allowing the vacuum created by his inability to carry out the full function of a president as contained in the constitution of the Federal Republic (in and out of camera), or through direct order. Either way, it is dangerous.

Whatever Mr. President had in mind to deliver to Nigerians, we have the first half of it, it certainly may not have gone the way he envisaged, the second half of the four years should not be a do or die affair, and it is not worth his life.

However, if PMB is considering paying the ultimate price for our beloved nation; which is what any Sitting President willing to fix Nigeria may end up doing, then, Mr. president should tackle corruption head on with no sacred cow, purge Nigeria of Corrupt Politicians and forward bill to the National Assembly which would make it difficult for politicians to plunder our common patrimony.


The main political parties in Nigeria, The All Progressive Congress, APC, and the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP are both drowning in their politicking. They are yet to know peace since the conclusion of the last general election.

The two political parties have had this crisis in common, and that is because they (PDP, APC), by nature are the same but differing in symbol.

How then can they escape the crisis they have brought upon themselves, the level of man’s inhumanity to man perpetuated by this politicians?

We once moved into an area in Lagos back in 2008. On that street was a building under construction. We later learnt it belonged to the new LCDA Chairman, that was around August, by December same year the house was ready and dedicated.

We need not go into how much the LCDA chairman earns as salary per month and how long it should take him to acquire such property because in Nigeria, that does not count. Once you have the position, you have it.

Now starting from the least councilor to the presidency across all states of the federation and you understand why indeed the gods should be angry. The amount of resources meant for development that has gone into private hands is mind bugling.

While the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, wrangling may not be surprising to many Nigerians, that of the All Progressive Congress, APC, should be.

The party (APC) did promise to hit the ground running after inauguration. While it succeeded in hitting the ground, it has done everything but run. This has manifested in every aspect of the Nigerian Economy.

While Nigerians struggle to make ends meet in the midst of the hardship inflicted on them by politicians, The APC is rather struggling between her internal crisis and the Economy.

Once again, politicians are bracing up for 2019, one can only imagine when the needed change will come to Nigeria, when Nigerians will learn to take their mandate back and use it for what will benefit the future and not for a paid thumb.