Arsenal fans yesterday, took to their twitter handles to celebrate Super Eagles and Arsenal star, Alex Iwobi’s brilliant display against Chelsea in the Community Shield cracker at Wembley Stadium.

Arsenal won their first trophy of the season after beating Chelsea 4-2 on penalties.

The fans who are yet to forgive Cesc Fabregas for leaving Gunners for Chelsea, one of their London rivals booed him during sunday’s game.

And one of the biggest cheers of the afternoon was made when he was made to look very silly by  Iwobi.

Iwobi made Fabregas look like he was running in treacle with his pace. Fabregas tried desperately to keep up but was left eating the Nigerian winger’s dust.

He eventually caught up – about five seconds later – and was then left flat on his face after Iwobi span him inside the box.

Here are some of the tweets:

OpanaSinceD80s @nii_bondah: Iwobi making Fabregas fall face down was gold!!!

iO kaPrincess @izzoTHEBHUBESI:  Fabregas is too grown to be made to chase Iwobi around

Anthony Emeagwali‏ @johnbullemeka: Sight of Fabregas tryn to chase down Iwobiit’s like a snail  chasing down a fox.

afcstuff @afcstuff:  Gif: Alex Iwobi shows exceptional footwork to hold off Azpilicueta & leave Fabregas on the floor.  #AFC

Ankal T @matatez: Hahahaha Fabregas chasing Iwobi is the funniest thing in football. Needs a GIF that hahaha

Tiano da Conceicao @tianocarlo:  Iwobi bossed Fabregas so hard with that footwork it was like watching a snake charmer.