South Africa President Jacob Zuma cashed on the overwhelming majority of his African National Congress (ANC) to survive another major threat to his tumultuous tenure foot-printed by fraud and corruption allegations.

A total of 384 parliamentarians voted; with less than half, 177, supporting the vote of no confidence.

More than half of the voters, 198, opposed the motion while nine lawmakers abstained.

The voting shows that the anti-Zuma coalition got some ANC votes but not enough to get a majority to remove the president.

With today’s development, Mr. Zuma has now survived eight no-confidence votes in his eight years in office.

The Senate Tuesday however voted to retain him in a debacle that would have forced him to quit if the no-confidence voted had titled in favour of the wish of the opposition that had for long pushed for it and for Zuma’s ouster.

Last year, South Africa Supreme Court ruled that Zuma was culpable in corruption allegation including he using public fund to built expansive private home.