A group popularly known and called Niger Delta Roundtable has raised an alarm, about the continued attack by suspected Fulani Herdsmen in the country, as it says, the herdsmen, mostly from the northern part of Nigeria, are at the verge of committing genocide against the people of the South-South and the South-Eastern part of the country.

The group said, its alarm, is coming on the heels of various threats, that are currently in circulation and the refusal of the Federal government, to arrest or prosecute, any of the suspected perpetrators of these violence and what looks like a continuous backing of the Fulani herdsmen, particularly in the cause of their violent activities, constant harassment and killings in the South East and the South-South regions of the country. The group also accused the Nigerian Police of inefficiency and cover ups, in cases involving attacks against farmers, by the herdsmen, in those parts of the country.

The group is therefore asking that the UN, come to the aid of the people of the South South and the South East region of the country, knowing fully well that the current administration of President Buhari, has taken a posture of the unconcerned, in what looks to be turning against the same people in a bid to eradicate them.

The group also faulted the ongoing anti-corruption campaign, as it says, it is a mere propaganda and basically a war against the South-South.

“A critical and objective look of the issue, will reveal to you, that there is actually no region that has looted the country more than the Northerners right from the beginning and until date” the statement said.

“This government has continued to create an impression. that the South-South are the looters and believing that going after them will weaken their economic strength which is also a strategy”

The group said it is calling on the world not to overlook these incidents, as it is dangerous, considering the lives being lost and that any genuine effort to promote peace and human rights and desires to protect people irrespective of their country, should include actions that can assist and ensure the safety of the people of the South-South and the South-East.

The group added that if nothing is done they would have no choice than to protect themselves and their own lives by themselves in whichever way they deem fit.

Tony Ile
Spokesman for (NDRT)


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