Seama Jacob Lazarus
Most of us want to meet and settle down with the ‘right’ person and want the relationship to ‘live’ as speech that can’t be destroyed, at same time, the majority of romantic partnership ends in dissolution.
Generally speaking, however, the issues that lead to cheating fall into two categories: there’s either a problem with the relationship or a problem with the individual.
According to Honour Iragonima ” if one mistakenly gets married to a nagging and ‘ I don’t care’ wife then one is bound to CHEAT”.
“We men are emotional’ and will always look out for care and peace of mind where it can be freely given”.
“In some cases, it is said that it is spiritual problem. There is a saying that states ‘eating a particular soup is not wise’, so one needs to have a taste of different kinds of soup for nourishment”.
“Men’s sexual appetite is very high and we are not always satisfied and this kept me thinking if ‘the devil has rewired us’, that’s, connecting the negative wire to the positive that always causes the stick between our legs to keep on dangling”.
“Cheating is a symptom generally in relationships, but sometimes cheating is indicative of an individual problem”.
With the information gathered we can say that men are prone to cheating, they cheat for multitude of reasons because relationship and people are the most complicated and complex things on earth.
In order to move forward, it helps to get to the root of the issue.
Here are few potential reasons
  •  Poor or lack of Communication: there is an old adage that says ‘ communication is the key in relationships’ . According to Chuks, Communication in relationships is about making effort to talk to each other, this takes effort and also this is where many couples fail. Communication simply means ‘just checking on your partner and ensuring your partner state of being is well, and it includes; going to watch football with him if he is a lover of football, sharing good news as well as the not so good news etc.
  •  Sex, so many couples shy away from this part. With the information I have gathered, it is obvious that sex has interestingly been the major reason of cheating. According to David , “my wife doesn’t satisfy me and she’s always lying down like an image made to face up, no new style, she easily gets tired and whenever she gets tired, she make sure to make me stop even when I’m at the peak. So I needed someone who will be able to make me feel good and I found her”
  •  Trust Issues;  lack or less of trust is ‘a killer’ of long-term relationship success . Without trust a relationship misses two ‘broadcaster’ to strong bond and their satefy and security.  If you believe trust is a major issue in your relationship, then examine whether lack of trust is based on broken promises or jealousy without proof. Then you work on it.
  •  Relational abuse; this is the repeated mistreatment of partner, for example, emotionally, verbally and sexually. The only thing that can eradicate relational abuse is by loving your partner more without compromising. It is so much easier to point finger and shift the blame, but the moment you let go of your responsibility, you have let go of your relationship . So it is time to inspect where you have let your guard down before willing intruders make their way in, it is high time you sit your wife down an open up to her and also teach her things you would want her to know.


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