Just this morning on my way from Otite Road in Sapele, we met a scene at New Road by Shell Road junction in Sapele where the road was blocked by people chanting with the attached pictures, “police have killed again, police have killed again.”

A young man driving a Toyota corolla with plate number, LSR-626-BZ was shot dead by a Nigerian police man over a small accident that happened between him and a tipper driver.

The young man was hit by the tipper driver taking sand to a site and the young man was angry asking the driver to alight in other for them to settle the dispute.

But when the evil police men reached the scene, they asked the tipper driver to go and tip off the sand and return back to meet them. While the tipper driver was gone, the same police who asked the tipper driver to return back asked the boy to enter his car and follow them to police station and the young man disagreed. And arguments ensued between the young man and the police men.

The police men insisted he followed them to the station and when the young man agreed to follow them, he also told them that vehicle must remain there while he follow them to the police station. And the same police insisted he follow them and he must drive his car along and the young man disagreed. And the next thing was a policeman among the policemen to pull the trigger at the young directly to his stomach and he died immediately.

What is this country turning into? Are the policemen securing us or they’re to give us nightmare by taking innocent souls? Can they really withstand crimes if they’re confronted by the real men of the underworld or they will take on their heels?

This is evil against mankind.


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