By  Greg Obioha

Praise God, the amiable wife of Chief Eze is plus one today. When I remembered early this morning that a great vessel of God and Amazon of His Kingdom is plus one today I felt so good because of testimonies that would herald this year’s outing of the Daughter Zion, Mrs Ada Eze.

I have reasons to think this way because we are talking of a woman of examplary honour and substance  .Am glad to attest to the goodness of this wonderful and virtuous  wife of my friend and brother who is an epitome of excellence and inspiration.Mrs Ada Eze has been a  role model and worthy Ambassador of motherhood. As a virtuous wife and mother, Madam has continued to live a  life of giving and building instead of taking!  She and her illustrious husband, Chief Eze have contributed to the raising of several young couples and building of happy homes for many.

Being a humanitarian par excellence, Mrs Eze has carved a niche for herself having  utilized her Charity Ministry to touch several lives and most interestingly ,she keeps increasing the scope of her work instead of reducing as she ages. Her strength in her chosen Charity and kingdom’s work is astounding and perplexing because since I know her over twenty six years ago through her husband, Chief Eze,what occupies greater part of her is dedicated service to God and humanity. He doesn’t get tired of working and that has become a family tradition upon which the upbringing of their God fearing Children was anchored.

Mrs Eze combines her kingdom work with home making as a caring wife and mother whose love for her husband, Children and neighbors is illuminating. Her creativity, intellect and industry have proven and verifiable evidence to attest to several years of hard work  that has been bountifully blessed by God. I met this wonderful couple  barely two years after their wedding and at that formative stage, I saw a thorough bred Igbo woman with compassion and exceeding love for her husband whom she stood by his side like the rock of gibalter .I saw a tigeress laced with Godly mein  and  undying spirit to conquer her environment with the fear of  God.

Today, we are proud to celebrate  Mrs  Eze and her giant strides in the kingdom work, family affair management and business world. God has blessed her so much in diverse ways after working extremely hard in concert with her  husband, Hon Chief Eze C Eze.It is also a thing of joy that she has  duly deployed her abundant blessings from God to bless others.

And having taken Memory Lane  to give account of what I know about this inspiring mother of six  and great development expert, I have the singular
honour and privilege to say Happy birthday to Chief Eze’s Queen! May God grant her heart desires and strengthen her  the more. Age gracefully our Sister and Amazon of God’s kingdom.


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